SilverPeak Studios Action Sports Photography is the spotlight featured photography vendor at this year’s 5th Annual Thanksgiving Jamboree Hockey Tournament, brought to you by Berkshire Rattlers Hockey.

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Order your Team Package – *$25.00 per player ($250.00 per team).

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How to buy
1. Team Package $250.00: You can order a TEAM package for $250.00. Split among the team in any way you want. See details below.
2. Player Package $50.00: You can order a player package for $50.00 per player.

Sample Photos

*Special Note about Team Package Pricing: **$250 is the total cost for the entire team. For a team of 10 players, that’s just $25.00 each!

**To qualify for the team package, a single purchase is made for $250.00 through a team representative. For teams with more or less players, the price per player is lower or higher. See table for price breakdown:

8 Players – $31.25 each
9 Players – $28.00 each
*10 Players – $25.00 each
11 Players – $23.00 each
12 Player – $21.00 each
13 Players – $19.25 each
14 Players – $18.00 each
15 Players – $17.00 each

Hockey Tournament Event Information

You may have seen us at the arena, or at hockey tournaments over the years. SilverPeak Studios is becoming one of North America’s Best Sports Action Photography Services, shooting action at countless Canadian and USA Hockey Sanctioned Tournaments held in New England, and Canada. This time, we’re in the Berkshires in Sheffield, MA.

Elite Sports Action Photography at it’s best. We offer incredible action shots with great team and individual player package rates. In addition, we offer prints, and posters as well as beautifully crafted custom commemorative posters.

Order your Team or Player package by visiting our shop.

The Berkshire Rattler’s 5th Annual Jamboree will be held at the Jackman L. Stewart Arena, Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA

The tournament will be held on on November 24th and runs one full day.

SilverPeak has photographed many of YOUR teams over the years throughout our North American event schedule.