SilverPeak Studios Action Sports Photography is the spotlight featured photography vendor at the Annual Jimmy Welch Memorial Hockey Tournament brought to you by the Berkshire Rattlers Hockey Organization.

TEAM Photo Package – *$29.00 per player

PLAYER Photo Package$90.00 ea.

We do not post photos for sale online: However, y
ou can still visit our shop, or click a product below to order a digital team or player package, as well as customized posters.

*Special Note about Team Package Pricing: $350.00 is the total cost for the entire team.

**To qualify for the team package, a single purchase is made for $350.00 through a team representative. For teams with more or less players, the price per player is lower or higher. See table for price breakdown:

8 Players – $44.00 each
9 Players – $39.00 each
10 Players – $35.50 each
11 Players – $32.00 each
*12 Players – $29.00 each
13 Players – $27.00 each
14 Players – $26.00 each
15 Players – $24.00 each


2019 JWT Hockey Tournament Photo Shop

SilverPeak Studios Action Sports Photography has been the spotlight featured photography vendor at countless North American Hockey Tournaments.

You may have seen us at your home arena, or at one of the many premier hockey tournament events held annually throughout the Northeast. SilverPeak Studios is becoming one of North America’s Best Sports Action Photography Services, shooting action at Canadian and USA Hockey Tournaments held in New England, and Canada. For the JWT, we’re always excited to setup shop at the state-of-the-art Berkshire School Sports Facility in Sheffield, MA.

Elite Sports Action Photography at it’s best. We offer incredible action shots with great team and individual player package rates. In addition, we offer prints, and posters as well as a beautifully crafted custom commemorative posters varying in size and cost.

Request an individual game shoot by contacting us, or Order your Team or Player package by visiting our shop.


PARO: Score 158

  • Paro: 158
  • DeStefanis: 130
  • McCabe: 130
  • Dadd: 126
  • Finkenzeller: 117

2019 Jimmy Welch Memorial Photo Contest Winner

All photos purchased during the weekend (approx 10,000) were considered for the contest, and after our staff reviewed all photos, we selected the top ~300 to post online into our FACEBOOK highlights gallery. We measured the images with the most [likes + comments + shares] to come up with a score for each photo. The photo with the top score, wins a free Magazine Cover High Resolution Download. Here is our WINNER and a rundown of the finalists.

Our photo contest ran for 5 days, and we have a winner!

visit the Gallery to get the 


1st Place
Paro: Score 158

Tie for 2nd Place
McCabe: Score 130

Tie for 2nd Place
DeStefanis: Score 130

We created Magazine Covers for all of our top 5 finalists. The winner’s is FREE, but we’re offering a discount on each of the other finalists – 50% off: contact us directly to buy a copy, just reference this page, email:

How are scores calculated? Due to Facebook privacy issues, you may not see all of the likes, shares, comments, and reactions -however, our back-office in Facebook allows us track all of this information, privately. Rest assured, the scores are exact, and scientific!

Didn’t Win? You can still purchase a Customized Magazine Cover

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win. We took a total of 22,550 photos, over 37 games, for an average of 609 per game! We can create a customized Magazine Cover similar to the Prize Winner you see here. Visit our Shop, add the Magazine Cover to your order, and enter any special details into the comment box. We’ll have one built for you within days, so you can print and showcase at home.