SilverPeak Studios was on-location at the Rockland Ice Rink last night, March 3rd, 2017 shooting league action between the King Philip Walpole Squirts and your Plymouth Youth Hockey Squirt B Middle Whalers. Led by Head Coach Tom Nagle, the Whalers came out strong beating Walpole 4-1.

Action Shots
Sports Action Photography like you’ve never seen before! Below is a small sample of the action from last night. To gain access to the full gallery please contact team officials.

Friday – March 3, 2017 – SilverPeak was on-site shooting the action.


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Plymouth Youth Hockey Squirt Team - Domey Makes a Save

Our favorite action shots from the game (Request the Full Gallery from your team!)

Turn your shot, into something memorable – click one below to find out more!

SilverPeak Studios is a premier Action Sports Photography company specializing in Hockey Tournaments. We shoot individual games such as this one, and we can be scheduled to shoot your team too!

You may have seen us at your home arena, or at one of the many respected youth hockey tournament events held annually throughout the Northeast. SilverPeak Studios is becoming one of North America’s Best Sports Action Photography Services, shooting action at countless Canadian and USA Hockey Tournaments held in New England, and Canada.

Elite Sports Action Photography at it’s best. We offer incredible action shots with great team and individual player package rates. In addition, we offer prints, and posters as well as a beautifully crafted custom commemorative posters varying in size and cost.

Contacts Us to shoot your game!

SilverPeak is based in Plymouth, MA – so we were delighted to be invited to shoot this competitive Squirt team from the Plymouth Youth Hockey Organization. A special thank you to the team for a great game!


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