Event Photo Viewing Pass Deposit


View Pass for Tournament or Event Photos:
– Access to images for your selected player (low-resolution with watermark)
– Non-refundable deposit toward purchase
– View pass is valid for 1-week while you decide what to purchase
– If a decision to buy is made, a voucher is granted via invoice discount, or a refund.





View your photos for up to 1 week, while you decide what to purchase. Essentially this is a viewing pass, which doubles as a non-refundable deposit toward a photo purchase. If you decide to purchase any photos, you will get a credit on your purchase decision. Valid on prints and digital packages.

If we didn’t shoot photos of your player or skater, you will get a full refund.

Viewing passes cannot be shared, one viewing pass per participant (Skater/Player).
Viewing passes are not automatic (there is up to 24-48 hour delay between purchase, and time of gallery delivery: We need time to prepare your gallery and email you a link)
Delay may come in the first 2-3 days following an event, since we are processing on-site orders.
Cannot be used to view a whole team’s gallery
Your viewing gallery will be delivered as a set of low-resolution images, with watermark, however, the final purchased products will be high resolution and will not have watermarks, or website / copyright stamps.


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