The Swagger Cup 2017 Tournament Team Action Shots Photo Viewing Pass


View Pass for Team Photos:
– Access to all galleries for your selected player or team (low-resolution with watermark)
– Cost is applied to subsequent purchases
– Non-refundable
– View pass is valid for a limited time
– If a decision to buy is made, a voucher will be granted to all view-pass buyers

Viewing Gallery is setup after purchase (we email you a link once we get your order up online).
It is not an automated system, but you will get access within 24 hours, often just a few minutes to an hour after completing this order.



View your team’s photos, while you decide what to purchase. Essentially this is a viewing pass, which doubles as a $40 non-refundable deposit toward any purchase. If you decide to purchase any photos, you will get a $40 credit. $40 is valid on prints and digital packages.

Additional information

Team Name

CDI_U10_A__Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U10_A__NE_Pride, CDI_U10_A__Shoreline_Sharks, CDI_U10_A__Spitfire_Orange, CDI_U10_AA_Bay_State_Breaker, CDI_U10_AA_Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U10_AA_Minuteman_Flames, CDI_U10_AA_NE_Pride, CDI_U10_AA_RI_Sting, CDI_U12_A__Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U12_A__Nova_Ice_Dogs, CDI_U12_A__NS_Vipers, CDI_U12_A__NY_Islanders, CDI_U12_AA_Bay_State_Breaker, CDI_U12_AA_Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U12_AA_Minuteman_Flames, CDI_U12_AA_NE_Pride, CDI_U12_AA_RI_Sting, CDI_U12_B__Bay_State_Breaker, CDI_U12_B__Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U12_B__RI_Sting, CDI_U12_B__Shoreline_Sharks, CDI_U14_A__Cape_Cod_Storm, CDI_U14_A__East_Coast_Wiz, CDI_U14_A__Hamden_Dragons, CDI_U14_A__Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U14_A__NE_Pride, CDI_U14_A__NS_Vipers, CDI_U14_A__NY__Islanders, CDI_U14_A__Princeton, CDI_U14_A__RI_Sting_Gold, CDI_U14_A__RI_Sting_Split, CDI_U14_AA_Cleveland__Barons, CDI_U14_AA_Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U14_AA_Minuteman_Flames, CDI_U14_AA_NE_Pride, CDI_U14_AA_Shoreline_Sharks, CDI_U14_B__Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U14_B__Minuteman_Flames, CDI_U14_B__NE_Pride, CDI_U14_B__Shoreline_Sharks, CDI_U16_A__Hershey_Jr_Bears, CDI_U16_A__Minuteman_Flames, CDI_U16_A__NE_Pride, CDI_U16_AA_Bay_State_Breaker, CDI_U16_AA_Boston_Jr_Eagles, CDI_U16_AA_Mass_Spitfires, CDI_U16_AA_Nova_Ice_Dogs, CDI_U16_AA_RI_Sting, CDI_U19_A__Hamden_Dragons, CDI_U19_A__Manchester_Flames, CDI_U19_A__NE_Pride, CDI_U19_A__Nova_Ice_Dogs, CDI_U19_A__Spitfires_Orange, CDI_U19_A__Spitfires_U19


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