SilverPeak Studios Action Sports Photography will be the spotlight featured photography vendor at this year’s Annual Swagger Cup Hockey Tournament brought to you by Cape Cod Hockey Tournaments.

Order your Team or Player Package – as low as *$29.00 per player

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*Special Note about Team Package Pricing: $350.00 is the total cost for the entire team.

**This is a PRE-ORDER discount price only! To qualify for the team package, a single purchase is made for $350.00 through a team representative. For teams with more or less players, the price per player is lower or higher. See table for price breakdown:

$29.00 is the cost for a 12 player team. You must order by Friday Jan 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST to qualify. Regularly $425.00. Single Player Action shot package regular $125, pre-order discount is $90. See Team price breakdown below.

8 Players – $44.00 each
9 Players – $39.00 each
10 Players – $35.50 each
11 Players – $32.00 each
*12 Players – $29.00 each
13 Players – $27.00 each
14 Players – $26.00 each
15 Players – $24.00 each

Hockey Tournament Event Information

SilverPeak Studios Action Sports Photography



Sports Action Photography Like you’ve Never Seen Before!

The Tony Kent Arena, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Friday – January 18-20, 2020 – 3-days

Because next year, your player will double in size!

How to Buy
Pre-order your package below at a discounted price.


More Info

SilverPeak loves Cape Cod Hockey Tournaments! You may have seen us at your hockey tournaments over the past few seasons. SilverPeak Studios is becoming one of North America’s Best Sports Action Photography Services, shooting action at countless Canadian and USA Hockey Sanctioned Tournaments held in New England, and Canada.

Elite Sports Action Photography at it’s best. We offer incredible action shots with great team and individual player package rates. In addition, we offer prints, and posters as well as a beautifully crafted custom commemorative posters. We will be selling photos on-site only. There will be no photos posted online for sale after the event.

Pre-order your Team or Player package for a pre-tournament discount price. Pre-tournament pricing can’t be guaranteed on-site, so pre-order today. It’s easy, and you can be sure you’ll get all of your games photographed.

The tournament starts on Saturday – January 18th, 2020 and runs for 3 full days, ending on January 20th, 2020.

SilverPeak has photographed many of the areas best teams¬†over the years throughout our North American event schedule, and we’re delighted to be invited to this year’s Swagger Cup.

You may make your pre-order purchase online using our shop: We’ll be notified to contact you to confirm your player, or team.


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