Sports Team & Individual Photography Services

Let SilverPeak Studios handle your team’s Photo Day. We offer traditional services, as well as highly customized innovative design ideas that will set your team apart from others. We specialize in creating truly unique and memorable team and individual photos that your group will cherish for years to come.

Photo Packages start at just $32.00

Custom Composite Designs

We offer awesome photo opportunities on your Team & Individual Photo Day.

Individual Photos

Our Individual Photos are anything but traditional. Every shot is custom crafted, and organizations can choose from many templates. Available in many sizes, and photo-gifts as part of packages, and add-ons!

Sport Mate ™

Instead of receiving a team photo, with small individual photo, framed into a traditional “Memory Mate”, we created a custom designed Sport Mate ™. Individual Photo top, and team composite photo at the bottom, creating a frame-worthy printed 8×10.

Unlimited Buddy Pics

Every Photo Day, we get requests for various sibling photos, friend groups, and we provide opportunity to get these ‘buddy pics’.

Brand Boosting Sports Photography

Simple Customized Sports Photos for your Organization helps promote by driving brand awareness. When you hire SilverPeak – you boost your brand!

Composite Team Panoramics

Our composite team photos are created artfully from your player’s individual photos. We shoot on green screen, and compose a final team photo that will blow your team away.

These are hot off the press from the 2022 Hockey Season:

Panoramic prints are available in many sizes, but our traditional headliner is a beautiful 10″ x 30″ frame-worthy rec-room centerpiece.

We go Above and Beyond


The customer’s voice is the only one that matters. Each family in your organization is handled with care, and we go out of our way to make every order perfect.

SilverPeak Photo Packages

Now that we’ve got your shots, it’s time to order. SilverPeak offers many great photo packages starting at just $32.00.

Add-On Prints, and Photo Gifts

Now that we’ve got your package selected, it’s time for add-ons to round out your orders.

Magazine Covers

Customized SportsIllustrated Styled Magazine Covers

Buttons, Magnets, Key-Chains

Among the many gifts options we offer to customers are 3″ Buttons, 4″x5″ Fridge Magnets, and 1.75″x3″ Acrylic Key-Chains.

Trading Cards

Every one loves the Hockey Cards! We create a custom theme for each organization, so that your cards are unique, and feature extensive details about your players on the reverse sides. 

A-La Carte Prints

We also offer many a-la carte prints of a variety of sizes and quantities to customize your perfect package.

Action Shots

We also offer Action Photo Services to allow customizable prints such as the Magazine Cover, and more intricate Hockey Cards that imitate more closely the professional hockey cards sold in retail stores.

Action Hockey Traders

Every one loves the Hockey Cards! With action shots, we can create unique hockey traders that will blow your friends away! 

Serving the Local Community

We count ourselves lucky to partner with these fantastic elite sports organizations.

Our Famous Trading Cards

Our trading cards are a hit! Kids love to collect and trade their own cards just like the pros.

We print your customized cards on M31 Linen card stock for the highest quality trading cards that stand up to the roughest of your little ones hands!

Action Shots

Once we settle your Team and Individual Photos, we’ll round out your collection with Action Shots, and specialty products become available such as the Sportrait example you see here. Split among the team, we offer a great rate for action shots.

SilverPeak Sportraits

SilverPeak Sportraits are customized artwork created from your action shots. We shoot normal action shots of your game, and we use the photos to create unique artwork that will last a lifetime.

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